XLu/Ω-IILoopResistance Tester


一、             概述及特点:

General introduction and features:


XLu/Ω-II loop resistance tester is a newly developed intelligent digital industrial meter. It is suitable for switch, connected spare, contact resistor test for power equipment and electric equipment.

XLu/Ω-II loop resistance tester adopts DC test current as to national standard (GB763.90), and meets relative demand of testing loop resistance. The equipment conforms to the test method of IEC694.96、IEC56、JJG837.93 standards.


XLu/Ω-II loop resistance tester features with following:

l  接纳四端子接线法,从而能有效的排除测试线所引起的丈量误差。

Four end connection method is adopted so that measure error cause be testing lines can be avoided.

l  测试电流有100A与200A二档,可根据测试要求自行选择。

There is100Aand200Atwo levels of test current, which is chosen as to test requirement.

l  内附有时钟功能,对试品可根据日期自动编号,还可以自行设置试品编号。

The timing function is attached. Tested object can be numbered automatically as to dates and time. Also the number can be set by users.

l  多位AD转换,使测试数据更为准确。

Multi AD transfer makes the test data more accurate.

l  对试品数据能自动生存(10次)。

The test data can automatically saved for 10 times.

l  配有嵌入式微型打印机,可对测试数据进行自动打印。

Insertion small printer is attachedd so the test data can be automatically printed out.

l  接纳大屏幕液晶显示,中文操纵提示,使整个测试更为简便、直观。

Big screen display and Chinese operation indication make the test simple and easy to watch.

l  整体体积小巧,重量轻。便于现场携带。

The whole is with small volume and weight. So it is easy to bring it to test site.

二、             主要技术指标:

Main technical standards:

1. 使用环境: 温度:-10℃~60℃       相对湿度:<90%,


Operation conditions


Relative humidity: <90%

There shall be no errosive gas or conductive dust

2. 测试电流:200A和100A二档。

Test current:200Aand100Atwo levels.

3. 丈量范围:1~1999μΩ

Mesure range: 1~1999μΩ

4. 分辨力:1μΩ

Resolution: 1μΩ

5. 准确度:0.2%

accuracy: 0.2%

6. 允许基本误差:0.2%RX±3个字

Allowed basic error: 0.2%RX±3 digits

7. 电源:交流220V±10%   50Hz

Power supply: AC 220V±10%   50Hz

8. 体积:350mm×350mm×160mm


9. 重量:11Kg